Purecybin Magic Mushroom Mango Tea 1Gram


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Purecybin Magic Mushroom Mango Tea 1Gram

Enjoy Purecybin Shrooms Magic Mushroom Tea for the mind, body, and soul. Buy Mango Tea Online

1 gram of Psilocybe Cubensis Infused

Golden Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis


What is mushroom tea?

Mushroom tea is exactly what it sounds like: a tea infused with psilocybin. Psilocybin is the primary psychoactive ingredient in “magic mushrooms” that produces the effects.

Some people ingest magic mushrooms for fun, others do it in therapeutic settings with the hopes of addressing specific health concerns.

What types of mushrooms are best for mushroom tea?

Chances are the different types of mushrooms don’t mean much to you right now.

Still, it is worth knowing the different types out there, so you can tailor the experience to your body once they become available to you. However, that may happen.

Why do people drink mushroom tea?

There are a few reasons people drink mushroom tea. For one, to explore the potential health benefits to using psilocybin in general. For two, mushroom tea is a pretty easy way to administer psilocybin, for three, mushrooms can taste pretty funky and nasty.

Drinking mushroom tea, especially with certain natural herbs and additives, is an easy way to mitigate the usual flavor of mushrooms.

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Purecybin Magic Mushroom Mango Tea 1Gram