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Brazil is home to many different types of magic mushroom species. One of the most common species of magic mushrooms that can be found there is Psilocybe cubensis.

Since ancient times, tribes in the Amazon basin have used magic mushrooms as a spiritual tool. That means they were able to receive messages from the gods and share them with the tribe.

The Appearance of Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

Brazilian magic mushrooms are vigorous and grow to a large size. When fresh, their caps are a dark brown or golden yellow.

However, when Brazilian magic mushroom strains are dried, they look a little different. One thing you may notice on your batch of dried mushrooms is some bluish tints.

Taking Brazilian Magic Mushrooms Spiritually

Brazilian magic mushrooms are one of the best strains that you can use for a spiritual trip. The incredibly visual nature of these magic mushrooms will unlock your consciousness—as long as you take enough.

However, you’ll need to respect these Brazilian magic mushrooms, much like the tribes of the past. What we mean is that you need to take the process seriously and make preparations.

The two things you’ll need to prepare are your environment and your mind. This concept is known in the tripping community as set and setting.

For your environment, you’ll want to be somewhere safe, comfortable, and familiar. You can choose anywhere, but we recommend your own home or apartment.

Also, part of the environment is the people around you. That means you’ll want to have as few people as possible except for one trip sitter.

A trip sitter is someone you trust to look after you while you trip. The trip sitter can also help bring you out of a rough patch.

Reviews (4)

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