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Like many other strains, B+ magic mushrooms don’t have a clear history. What we do know is that this strain has been in circulation since at least the 1990s.

B+ magic mushrooms can only be described as absolute beauties. That’s because B+ magic mushrooms grow to a massive size with perfectly round caps.

However, once dried, B+ magic mushrooms likely won’t look too much like their fresh counterparts. One thing that you may notice on your batch of B+ magic mushrooms is some bluish hues.

If you’re looking for an extremely r

B+ magic mushrooms may be the perfect strain for taking recreationally. Taking a lower dose of these shrooms will have you and your friends laughing for hours on end.

Pure euphoria will lift you up as the sounds and colors of everything around you become much more clear and refreshing. On top of that, you’ll feel completely open and connected to those around you.

To get the most out of your B+ magic mushrooms, you’ll want to take them as safely as possible. That means waiting until you get where you’re going before taking any magic mushrooms.

elaxing, clear, and social magic mushroom experience, then B+ is exactly what you’re after.

B+ magic mushrooms are also an excellent strain for going on a mystical mushroom trip. On high enough doses, B+ magic mushrooms will send you to the furthest limits of your consciousness.

Once there, you may be able to see yourself from a new perspective and gain new insights. However, to obtain ego dissolution on B+ magic mushrooms, you’ll need to make some preparations.

To be prepared, you need to be familiar with a concept called set and setting. Set and setting is a way to get yourself into a state where you’re more likely to let go and succumb to the mushroom trip.

Reviews (7)

  1. The elastic waist band isn\’t low enough. Wrinkly, soft thin cottonish like warm weather sleepwear. Wish I could undue my purchase, but it\’s usable and fits true to size.
    I\’ve washed it to try to get rid of the wrinkles, but it\’s impossible. It wrinkles no matter how careful I am. Plus the color dries uneven. It\’s no longer one solid color since washing it in cold water and air drying. It has streaks. But my coworkers kept complementing my dress, so I\’ll keep wearing it. I just think it\’s overpriced.

    suburbiadaze (verified owner)

  2. Assuming this dress was going to be a nice pumpkin orange I purchased this dress. HOWEVER!!! The dress is bright neon orange and the top DOES NOT match the orange in the bottom. Which is also NOT the orange pictured. So buyer beware.

    Mrs. Sudler (verified owner)

  3. I ordered a size down. And it fit perfect. Usually wear large, decided to go with a medium. The fabric is very stretchy and so comfortable to wear. Love the fact that it has pockets and it also has short sleeves. I’m 5’3” and didn’t have a problem wit it bring too long. Hope my pictures are helpful ;)

    CraftyAndy (verified owner)

  4. Bought this in the purple gray color. Love it! Fits perfectly with room to spare, so flow. It feels like a t-shirt so comfy. Def am ordering more colors! It\’s a little thin but not see through wore it for the first time today and received multiple compliments! For reference I am 5\’4 and about 205 pounds and ordered an xl :)

    Andy (verified owner)

  5. This dress is so flattering and so comfortable. I have a very large chest and it kind of just fits perfectly in all the right places and covers all the places you want covered. It is very long. I am 5’6” and I had to wear pretty high shoes to wear this dress without tripping. I typically wear an 18 and I got an XXL. I think an XL would fit fine too. It’s pretty stretchy. Oh! IT HAS POCKETS!

    Reda (verified owner)

  6. First of all, thanks for a great service, website has been easy to use, and order went through without any issues.

    I took about 1.7grams to test these out, they are a very friendly mushroom, i landed on a pretty nice level 2 experience, good body buzz, soft visuals, music sounded great, clouds and sunset were awesome! lights and water reflections were sweet, a very happy experience, happy to recommend, will probably go for 2-2.5g on my next B+, which i anticipate should be a strong level2 dipping into level3 for me. If you’re taking mushrooms for the first time, this would be a good one to go with.

    lholl083 (verified owner)

  7. They weren’t bad but they just wouldn’t stop it was almost like I was on lcd but then again I took 4 grams. If you want a strain with no waves this is the strain for you

    L.Taylor (verified owner)

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B+ cubensis Mushroom Spores