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Purecybin Anxiety Blend Microdose is ideal for improving cognitive functionality and brain health. Buy ANXIETY MICRODOSE PURECYBIN MICRODOSE online

Ingredients: 150MG Psilocybin | 100MG Ginkgo Biloba | 100MG Bacopa Minnieri
Recommended Dose:
1 capsule every 2nd to 3rd day, it is best to have a light meal before consuming.
Every capsule we use is Vegan, Kosher.

Keep out of reach of children & pets.
All capsules have a shelf life of 1 year, if placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
If more than 2 capsules are consumed, you may experience anxiety, blurry vision, sleepiness or euphoric sensations. This is normal and will fade away in hours. Buy ANXIETY MICRODOSE PURECYBIN MICRODOSE online

Additionally, while reports are in general positive, scientific evidence about potential negative effects is lacking aside from the prevalence and motives for use. However, the present study addressed this gap by surveying psychedelic users about their experience with micro dosing including their dosing schedule, motivation, and potential experienced negative effects.

Furthermore, Micro dosing with psychedelics, the practice of taking a low dose of a psychedelic every couple of days, seems to be an increasing trend among science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professionals. Multiple anecdotal reports suggest performance enhancing effects; however, these positive reports may overshadow potential negative experiences.

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