Amazonian cubensis mushrooms


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Like many other strains of magic mushrooms, it isn’t known exactly where Amazonian magic mushrooms originated from. Of course, it’s believed that Amazonian magic mushrooms come from somewhere in the Amazon.

However, the Amazon is a vast area that expands across multiple countries. Where exactly in the Amazon was this strain found, we may never know.

If you’re looking to take Amazonian magic mushrooms recreationally, then you’ll need to dose carefully. This strain packs a visual punch even at lower doses, so always be careful.

The visuals from this strain are what make this a great all-rounder. You’ll have a blast in nature or with friends as you experience open-eye visuals.

Just remember that the trip from these magic mushrooms can last up to 6 hours. That means that once you ingest them, you should never drive a vehicle or do anything slightly dangerous.

Always bring all the supplies you’ll need and be in a safe place for your entire journey. We recommend that you have enough food, water, and music to keep the good vibes going.

If you’re looking for a strain with a real spiritual capacity, then Amazonian magic mushrooms are for you. At high doses, this strain will lift you into space and fling you deep within the cosmos.

Once there, you’ll find the pure wisdom of Amazonian magic mushrooms. However, to be able to achieve a spiritual trip takes a bit of preparation.

Remember that on a spiritual trip, you’ll need to respect the magic mushrooms. That means you want to be in the right place and have the right mindset.

This concept is also known as set and setting. The setting is where you can be as relaxed as possible with not much to disturb you.

Reviews (4)

  1. These mushrooms are savage.

    Jayne (verified owner)

  2. Arrived really fast, haven’t tried them yet but exited for the weekend!

    Joe (verified owner)

  3. Great strain. 2.5g is more then enough to have a great visual experience. To get a similar feeling it takes more the 5g of Daddy long legs or Golden teacher.

    SIGNTEACH (verified owner)

  4. Great product arrived really fast and excellent customer experience! Tripped balls definitely going to order more!

    Alley (verified owner)

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Amazonian cubensis mushrooms